# Installation

Origin.js is a Node.js (opens new window) application. It is possible to complete installation and setup through these methods.

# Download directly

Import originjs in <script> tag and it will be installed automatically:

<script src="/path/to/originjs.js"></script>


npm install -g @originjs/cli

# Yarn

yarn global add @originjs/cli

# Dev build

You need to clone source of Origin.js directly from GitHub and build it yourself, if you want to use the latest features.

Origin.js uses pnpm as package manager, please install pnpm first.

# clone from github
git clone https://github.com/originjs/origin.js.git node_modules/origin.js
# change directory
cd node_modules/origin.js
# install dependencies
pnpm install
# build
pnpm run build
# build cli package
pnpm run build:cli